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    So here are things I work on when I have some free time.

    If you want to clone a project use     git://

    Contact me on email at dpolakovic dot space (my public GPG) or check the root domain

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Project Description Last Change
my-website HTML; PHP: A simple website that I run. 3 weeks ago
w958-generator PERL: Completely random string generator... nothing else. 13 days ago
japh PERL: My take on JAPH. 5 months ago
partition-bacteria PERL: Script with behaviour of primitive organism. 7 months ago
tti-encoder PERL: The least significant bit writer. 2 months ago
shmu-fetch PERL; BASH: CLI weather forecast for Slovakia. 11 months ago
Other stuff...
mars-bg Logs from Terraforming Mars board game. 2 weeks ago